The general entry requirements are five GCSEs graded 9-4, including English and maths (or equivalent) and two additional GCSE qualifications at grade 9-4 or BTEC equivalents. Grade 4 is equivalent to a grade C. Please note, some subjects will have specific requirements, please contact us directly for further information.

A Level Course Offer

Art, Craft & Design

Hone your artistic skills with this comprehensive A level course which will give you grounding in the fundamentals of Art, Craft & Design. At the end of first year you will specialise in your chosen field of Photography, Fine Art, Graphics, Textiles or 3D – allowing you to focus on two main projects in the second year.


A level Biology is designed to develop an understanding of various key biological systems. These systems include the components of cells, the molecules which make up living organisms and the reactions between them. It also compares the systems found in plants and animals which are necessary for life.


A level Business Studies is about understanding how businesses start and how they succeed by adapting to an ever-changing world.


The study of chemistry is driven by the desire to explain the behaviour of the materials around us. You will study in our specialist laboratories, developing a greater understanding of the general principles of chemistry and of a discipline that remains at the forefront of scientific development.

Core Maths

Core Maths is a one year course that allows you to retain, expand and develop your knowledge and skills from GCSE, as well as giving you the opportunity to study and apply new Level 3 material.

English Language

You will study a range of language topics and learn how to analyse different texts, including conversations generated by modern technology. The course covers thought-provoking topics such as gender, accent and dialect, and occupational English.

English Literature

A Level English Literature will teach you how to analyse complex literary issues with the help of important critical ideas and theories.

Film and Media Studies

Film Studies is a lot more than ‘just watching films’. It involves adopting a critical perspective that allows you to view a variety of other genres through a fresh pair of eyes.


Geography is the study of Earth’s landscapes, people, places and environments, bridging the social and natural sciences. A level Geography develops an understanding of a wide range of physical and human geographical issues such as globalisation, inequality and climate change.

History and Politics

This course introduces you to some of the most important subjects and problems in British and European economic, political and social history over the last 200 years. It’s a great way to understand how the world we live in has evolved and provides fantastic opportunities for you to build your own arguments around the interpretations of our past.


Studying A level Law provides you with the opportunity to gain a real insight into our legal system – the framework that underpins our society – and how this affects ordinary citizens. You will gain an understanding of where our laws come from and how multiple legal cases reach a verdict.


The word ‘philosophy’ means ‘love of wisdom’, which is exactly what this course will give you. As a Philosophy student, you will study four major areas of philosophical thought, including epistemology (theory of knowledge) and moral philosophy, which considers the ethical theories coined by major philosophical thinkers and applies them to real life scenarios.


Psychology is the study of the human mind and behaviour. It explores key societal questions, such as why we conform to rules or obey authority figures. A level Psychology develops your knowledge of psychological approaches, theories, concepts and methods, along with how the science of psychology works. You’ll explore case studies, learning how to draw parallels between the findings. You will also be introduced to important issues and debates that relate to contemporary psychological topics.


We will also offer GCSEs in English, Creative, Humanities, Maths and Science.

Hybrid Programme

The Hybrid Programme is our offer combining two A levels and one vocational course. These excellent vocational diplomas are designed to dovetail perfectly with A levels. They are an ideal springboard to high quality HE courses, providing specialist content and supporting progression on to further study.