General FAQs

  • What is Pudsey Sixth Form College?

    Pudsey Sixth Form College is a partnership between Crawshaw Academy, Co-op Academy Priesthorpe, Leeds West Academy and Leeds Sixth Form College. It will be a high quality, aspirational and inclusive sixth form college that broadens the post-16 learning options in the area.

  • When will it be open?

    We would like to build the new sixth form in the very near future, so that students can enjoy its benefits. As with any new building, we need to go through the right process, and we intend to submit a planning application to Leeds City Council in Summer 2022. Once we receive planning permission, we will be in a position to move forward with our plans and set out timescales for opening.

  • How do I express my interest in enrolling?

    We remain in an early stage of the development. Should planning permission be granted, more information on enrolment will become available at a later date.

  • How do I have my say regarding the planning application?

    Ahead of submitting our planning application, we consulted with members of the public for a period of six weeks (20 June – 8 August) and have gathered feedback.

    Once we have submitted our planning application with the local planning authority, there will be an additional public consultation period, details of which can be accessed via the council’s planning portal.


  • What has changed from the plans you shared in 2021?

    Following our initial round of consultation in 2021, we have made some improvements to our plans. These relate to reducing the size, height and footprint of the proposed building; moving the building further away from neighbouring houses; making significant improvements to parking provision by providing parking nearer to Crawshaw Academy; and providing enhanced screening/landscaping to the south of the site.

  • Is this the final design?

    Following our initial round of consultation, we believe these new designs take on board much of the feedback that was provided. We will continue to work with our architects, but we will retain these improvements in the designs we submit in our planning application.

  • Is the land allocated as playing fields?

    The land we propose building on is currently unused. It was used as playing fields intermittently until 2008. Regular use ended in 2003 with use during the summer seasons of 2007 and 2008. The ground experiences poor drainage therefore all sports use was eventually aborted. It is allocated as playing fields with the wider useable sports fields. It is confirmed that the existing useable pitches will remain. There is also ample sports provision within the community including resurfacing of Crawshaw Academy’s artificial pitch in 2018. It would require a significant amount of work to bring the site back into a useful state (by dealing with drainage/landscaping issues for example) and we believe that the best way of doing that is by providing a great post-16 learning environment. We are working with all relevant bodies to bring these plans forward.

  • How do I have my say?

    We are now consulting with members of the public, for a period of six weeks, running from 20 June until 31 July. We would encourage you to have your say, by clicking on this link.

    Once we have submitted our planning application with the local planning authority, there will be an additional public consultation period, which can be accessed via the council’s planning portal.


  • Why is a new sixth form needed in Pudsey?

    The creation of a new purpose-built sixth form will provide cutting-edge facilities and a broad curriculum offer, delivered by experts in post-16 teaching. A high quality sixth form with a range of A level and practical courses will strengthen what already exists in terms of post-16 learning opportunities in Pudsey.

  • What subjects will be available at the new sixth form?

    This is still currently being devised but we aim to ensure that A level and AS level qualifications will be offered, including BTECs. Other qualifications, such as T Levels, will also be part of the programme. The following departments have been proposed but are not limited to: Business, Creative subjects, Humanities & Language, Maths & Sciences and Social Science.

The Building

  • Where will the new building be located?

    The building will be located on currently unused land to the south east of Crawshaw Academy in Pudsey.

  • How long will the build take and what is the expected impact during this period?

    The building is scheduled to be complete by 2023, opening its doors to students in September of that year.

  • What is the capacity of the building?

    Up to 600 students would have access to the new sixth form, with around 30 members of teaching staff and a further 10 supporting staff.

  • What will the building look like and what will be the layout?

    The proposal is for a new sixth form college facility to be located off Kent Road, on land directly adjacent to (but independent of) the existing Crawshaw Academy complex.

    Mindful of the nearby residential properties that surround the site to the south and east, careful consideration has been given to both the positioning of the building within the site, and the external design of the college. The scheme will be developed using materials that are sensitive to the nearby built landscape.

    The proposed facility has a GIFA (Gross Internal Floor Area) of 3,085sqm and is spread over two storeys. The indicative internal layout of the proposed facility comprises of the Social Sciences Department and the Humanities and English Department situated on the ground floor and the Creative Arts Department and the Maths and Science Department on the first floor.

  • Is there sufficient parking on-site?

    The proposals include 40 car parking spaces (including 2 accessible spaces and 4 electrical vehicle charging points) located to the south of the proposed building, with access coming off Kent Road along the eastern boundary. It is also proposed to provide 60 cycle spaces to the front of the building.

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